dear DrearyWeary (7 Dec 2014)

posted on 07 Dec 2014 09:18 by vareety
Hello, I had met a white dog (on my facebook timeline) that makes me thinking of you (your dog). I'm now having finished a book made of letters in 150 pages A4. It's in Thai language and I'm trying to find a gifted translater. This book will talk to you about how to change the education, and i think it's what you're looking for as I've read the TRT. The trouble is my english skill isn't so good and you will miss all the thai language jokes. So I need someone who can understand thai jokes and translate them into an "amusing naugthy smart" characteristic english. Then I could make the international copies to find more alliances to do some cool venture.

Last time I said in your facebook page I want to write a biography comic but finally I leave it unbeginned because I found taking photos and videos is more faster. This is a compact film made in 2008. Hope you enjoy and I'm waiting for a comment. My image when I cut my hair short looks similar to your image in the comic. That's why I like you and if I were male I would want to be like you.

Below is behind-the-scenes, changing outfits on the way like superman.

I've drawn cartoons with Paint.exe since 2002, but very occasionally.

This is my masterpiece hand-drawing in 2006. I wear a t-shirt and a shorts like you.

Here's how i look like when i was a 12th grade student in 2006.

The haircut is the standard thai secondary student's cut. It is even shorter (to the ear) for the students low than 9th grade. However, I like it because i was tomboy.

So enjoy things and I'm waiting for the response na ka, Thank you. ^_^




sorry to make you feel bad but i'm going to say i had to take time to tranlaste it for "everyone" and you're only the first victim to read it. i also want you to be my editor to proof if there are some mistakes or if the jokes and gimmicks in english are alright. i see humor is very important because the topic is too serious to catch mass audience.

#5 By -Varie- on 2014-12-09 15:03

Oh, that's really thoughtful, but you shouldn't waste money to send me your proof when I can't read Thai at all (I wish I could). I will feel bad if you had to take time to translate it for me, but if you want you can email bits when you the time. My email is Otherwise, I'll wait for the English version when it is complete. By the way, your English is already pretty good.

#3 By DrearyWeary (| on 2014-12-09 07:55

do you have some Thai friends? give me your address to and i'm going to send you a proof version of my thai book. it's 375 baht and left lonely at my home. i think it's more useful to give it (free) to you. however, i will try to translate it or maybe make a new version in english by doing some letters to you if you want to read them. the english version will be an international version for Ashoka foundation.

#2 By -Varie- on 2014-12-08 19:03

Hi Varie, thanks for writing. It's really nice of you to say those things. We could be siblings! My hair is actually a lot longer than yours in your picture now (I'll have to cut it soon, but I'm still working on stuff and have no time).

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